Uncork a Bottle of Fine Local Wine

While you’re hunkering down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, support local wines and local wine shops. Arizonans, do you need a place to start? Organized by region, here’s a list of Arizona wineries and local Arizona wine shops with links to each company’s website. At a few of these places, you can still pick up freshly made salads, pasta, cheese, bread, and more. Salud!

Cochise County

Most of these are located in Willcox or the Willcox Basin. The town will be listed next to the name of those tasting rooms not located in Willcox.

 Coconino County

Most of these are located in Flagstaff. The town will be listed next to the name of venues not located in Flagstaff.

 Metropolitan Phoenix

Metropolitan Tucson

Mojave County

Santa Cruz County

Yavapai County

These wineries, tasting rooms and wine shops are located in small towns throughout Yavapai County. The name of the town where each venue is located is listed with its name.

Finally, here are locally-owned restaurants where you can purchase Arizona wines with delicious food pairings to go:

As of the moment that I published this post, these were all open for sales or had some format for curbside pickup or home delivery. All of these wineries, shops, and restaurants have been racing to keep up with ongoing changes in response to COVID-19 by updating their websites and social media, however, the particular link you click on may well have not been updated with the most recent information yet. If you are from any of these wineries or wine shops and you have an update you’d like to share with us, please let us know via comments here or visit my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram and comment on the related post.

Please also know that I raced to get this list published in time for people to join the East Coast and Midwest to celebrate local wine on March 28, 2020, hence the rather clunky list of website links here. If I’ve missed anyone or made any errors, please forgive me; my error was entirely unintentional. Let us know through comments here the names of any Arizona wineries or local wine shops that you’d like us to know about. Please also give us the town or city where it is located and its website address.

And if you live outside of Arizona, support the local wineries and wine shops nearest you. Many of these tasting rooms have been closed because of COVID-19 and they are trying hard to get us our wines through other means. On top of that, we’re all doing our best to stay six feet apart from others and shelter in place. Any penny you can spare will help keep our economies humming and all of our local businesses afloat.


Arizona Wine Growers Association

Sonoita & Elgin Chamber of Commerce

Verde Valley Wine Consortium

Verde Valley Wine Trail

Willcox Wine


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