Uncork a Bottle of Fine Local Wine

While you’re hunkering down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, support local wines and local wine shops. Arizonans, do you need a place to start? Organized by region, here’s a list of Arizona wineries and local Arizona wine shops with links to each company’s website. At a few of these places, you can still pick…

Trump Administration Threatens 100% Tariffs on Wine

Were you looking forward to a lovely glass of French Burgundy to pair with roasted rosemary chicken? Or, perhaps you thought you’d take a simple break after a day of hard work by pairing that beautiful Pinot Noir with chèvre and crackers instead? While you planned this lovely pairing, it’s possible that you turned off…

The Unexpected History of Arizona Wine, Part III

While there are many fine winemakers in Arizona who we’ll talk about over time, next we’ll explore the history of the Arizona wine industry through the eyes of four key figures – a philosopher, an ecologist, a rock star and a filmmaker. 

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