Trump Administration Threatens 100% Tariffs on Wine

Were you looking forward to a lovely glass of French Burgundy to pair with roasted rosemary chicken? Or, perhaps you thought you’d take a simple break after a day of hard work by pairing that beautiful Pinot Noir with chèvre and crackers instead? While you planned this lovely pairing, it’s possible that you turned off…

Willcox and the Worldwide War on Water

In the heat of the summer, the concept of global warming is very real, but the concept of a worldwide war on water remains largely academic. Except in Willcox where residents’ wells are going dry.

A Day in the Life of Jerome

A central Arizona mining town with a population of 458 people, charming Jerome is perched on the dramatic Black Hills giving residents and visitors a spectacular view of the Verde Valley and the red cliffs of Oak Creek Canyon. And, there is no better way to relish this view than by touring art galleries, shopping for kitschy gifts, and tasting Arizona wine in Jerome’s historic buildings perched on the hillside.

Arizona’s Quixotic Quest

With just a few quiet words, Pavle Milic of FnB, purveyor of Arizona food and wine, twice launched my life onto a completely new trajectory.

How a California Engineer Became an Arizona Wine Pioneer

With singular focus, Ann dedicated herself to the art of making wine. She now serves as winemaker, vineyard manager, and tasting room manager for Lightning Ridge Cellars, her family-owned vineyard and winery in Elgin, Arizona.

Zinfandel: The Story of the (Not Quite) First American Grape

The story of Zinfandel has been called both a historical romance and a Horatio Alger story. This story starts with the history of early American wine, quietly stretches across the world to Croatia, and closes with a sampling of luscious Zinfandel wines from Arizona and California.

A Unique Experience of Arizona’s Terroir with Sand-Reckoner Vineyard

When Amy and I bid on a vineyard tasting with Sand-Reckoner, a winery and vineyard located in the Kansas Settlement region south of Willcox, Arizona, we had little idea what “vineyard tasting” actually meant. Lucky for us, we won our bid, and we embarked together on this new adventure.

The Unexpected History of Arizona Wine, Part III

While there are many fine winemakers in Arizona who we’ll talk about over time, next we’ll explore the history of the Arizona wine industry through the eyes of four key figures – a philosopher, an ecologist, a rock star and a filmmaker. 

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